We Deliver Customer Satisfaction
We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests, and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality, and on-time delivery. Most of our machine parts have two week lead times. We offer quick turn-around without expedite charges to our customers.
All fixtures and tooling are made in house for better lead time and cost effectiveness. Using the latest technologies, equipment, for your parts. From prototype to mass production, our engineering staff will assist you from the begining of the product to the final step, ensuring that the part is high quaility and funtional.
Engineering Technologies
From the initial computer design, our engineers produce a fully functional prototype using production intent materials on the identical equipment that is used in our manufacturing plants. We test these prototypes to assure performance specifications. We then analyze potential failure modes and, if necessary, make design corrections. And because all of these operations are performed in-house, prototype development time is significantly compressed. There is no current tooling charge and design for most basic jobs.
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